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What TechFuse Does for You

Clean Your Mail

Nothing Secures and Cleans Up your Emails (on clients like Outlook, Thunderbird) like TechFuse.

Secure Your Network

Don’t Let Spammers into Your Network. Secure it With TechFuse.

Shred Files

Permanently Delete Sensitive Files. Don’t Let Intruders Recover it.

Clean Your Computer

TechFuse will Cleanup Your System and Protect it in Future.

Delete Old Files

Space Running Low? TechFuse Will Cleanup Your Temp files.

Uninstall Useless Software

Get Rid of Old, Unused Software Slowing Down Your PC.

Secure Your PC

State-of-the-Art Algorithms to Keep Your Data Safe.

Speed Up Your PC

TechFuse Will Make Your Computer Fast, Like it Was Brand New.

Protect Your Privacy

Your Privacy is Important. Protect Yourself From Phishing Attacks.

5 Reasons Why You Need Our Apps


Round-the-Clock Protection
Our Software Works 24/7 to Protect Your Computer from Intruders


Our Tools – Your Control
Our Apps ensure that you are always in control of what is and isn’t on your computer.


Effective Computer Cleanup
An Effective Solution
For Keeping Your Computer Clean


Life Is Too Short To Wait
Our Software Makes Your Computer Work Blazing Fast


We Support Your Right To Privacy
Our Software secures your computer from any intruders and spyware.

It’s Time You Realized Your Computer’s True Potential

Reduce the boot time of your PC with advanced and easy-to-use optimization tools.
  • Login Items

    Take control of how fast your Mac boots up by controlling which applications launch every time you start it.

  • Update tracker

    Make sure you never miss out on any important security patches or software upgrades for most of your applications.

  • Explore all security features

    Protect your PC from phishing scams, malware, spyware, adware, viruses and identity theft while you're using the Internet.

  • Fast Cleanup

    Quickly remove junk ?les (such as temporary caches, logs, unused language packages and legacy application parts) that slow down your Computer.

  • Shredder

    A state-of-the-art deletion process such as Shredder is a sure-fire way to prevent sensitive information you no longer need to access from falling into the wrong hands.

Concentrate On Your Work, Leave Technicalities To Us.

Stop worrying about hackers trying to sniff out your sensitive personal data. Stop worrying about losing important files to viruses. Stop worrying about your computer getting slow. TechFuse will take care of all this for you.

Online or Offline – Your Computer Stays Protected

With TechFuse Software, you can rest assured that your Computer is protected from internet threats and real-life thieves.

Viruses Removed
Computers Secured
Tickets Resolved

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