Refund Policy

TechFuse values any feedback from the customers and does everything to fix all possible issues. However, if you are still not satisfied with our products and services and may require a refund, please get acquainted with our refund policy.

Please note that buying licensed software confirms the customers’ awareness about all features and functionality of the product, as they should have already examined EULA, information and description about the software on the official website.

Refunds are given only in case of problems directly related to our product. If there are direct proofs of issues with our software, for example, error messages or screenshots, and these issues cannot be resolved by our customer support department, the customer has the right to receive a refund. Refunds are not given in case of general computer problems not related to our software.

In case our software has become a reason of a technical breach of your computer device, and there is enough evidence and proof on this matter, we may consider giving you a refund of the inflicted damage. After receiving a refund request concerning a technical infringement our Customer Support Agents require from 1 to 3 business days to give an initial response. After receiving all the relevant evidence and proofs our Customer Support Agents require from 1 to 10 days to process the received material and give a qualified response.


An ‘unused part of a purchased subscription license’ is a certain amount of months (days) counted out beginning from the moment you have officially requested a refund until the expiration date of the subscription. In case of a 1 (one)-month subscription the ‘unused part of a purchased subscription license’ counts if you have been using the license for over 15 (fifteen) full days. If the license has been used for less than 15 (fifteen) full days you will be granted with a full refund covering the price of a 1 (one)-month subscription license.

NOTE THAT: if you have made a request for a refund during but not exceeding the first 15 (fifteen) full days of the month of request we grant you with a partial refund that covers the price of the subscription including the month of request. If you have made a request for a refund after the first 15 (fifteen) full days of the month of request we grant you with a partial refund that covers the price of the subscription NOT including the month of request.

A request for a refund is valid only during the purchased subscription period.

‘Month of request’ is a month when the actual request for a refund is conducted.

The calculation of the amount of money needed for a refund is executed by our customer support department based on a specific algorithm that can be clarified with our Customer Support Agents.

Before requesting a refund, the customer must inform our customer support department of any issues that may arise in relation to our software. Refunds are given ONLY in case of contacting our support team and sending a request in written form via email. The email address where the request should be sent will be provided to you by one of our Customer Support Agents. Our customer support department is obliged to do their best to fix the problem. If they confirm that the software problem cannot be fixed, a refund will be given. The company is not responsible for any independent actions taken by the customer or help from any third parties.

After submitting a refund request to our Customer Support Agent it will be reviewed and processed, unless a refund can not be performed due to the terms and conditions set forth herein. In this case the customer will be notified via email or phone as soon as possible.

The company provides the customers with all possible kinds of support, including manuals, email support, phone support, live chat etc. Therefore if the customer did not follow the instructions, used incorrect setup or refused to use our customer support service, the company has the right to decline the refund request.

If the software is purchased via the Internet, it does not include any physical storage media. Refunds are not given in case of ignorance of this fact.

Inability to download the software is not an argument for the refund. The customer can have Internet or computer problems not related to our product. If the customer is unable to download the software, they must contact our customer support department.

Once the refund is given, further usage of the software becomes illegal and all granted licenses of MacKeeper render null and void; therefore the customer must uninstall the program. In addition, all registration data will be immediately blocked, and the refunded customer will not be able to use the updates.

Refunds are processed from 1 to 3 weeks – the amount of time needed by the bank to process the payment.

In case of double charge due to circumstances beyond the customer’s control, and if the fact thereof is confirmed, the company is obliged to give the refund upon the per customer’s request.

All processing fees are non-refundable.

The customer has no right to request a refund for additional customer support service orders that:

  • had been fully used but the quality was claimed as unsatisfactory;
  • were partly used;
  • were not used at all.